May 8 Update

I wanted to take a moment and let you know of a few updates we will be making to our distance learning plan based on feedback from families and staff. We know that distance learning is difficult and getting students to complete their assignments can be a challenge. Our staff appreciates all of the work you have done as families to encourage your students to participate in video chats, check in each day for attendance, and complete their daily assignments.

Catch Up Days

Starting next week, we will be using Fridays as catch up days. Students will still need to check in for attendance and they may still participate in video chats with their classmates, but there will be no new assignments given on Fridays. The catch up days will be May 15th, May 22nd, and May 29th. There is still no school scheduled on May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.

Families should use this day to catch up on work not completed earlier in the week or to take a break to be ready for the next week. Students may also choose to read a book or use one of the online programs such as Study Island or Math Seeds to practice their skills.

End of the School Year

In order to make sure students have time to complete their assignments and to make sure we can get Chromebooks returned on time, we are going to designate the last few days of the school year as catch up days. There will be no new assignments given on these days, but students will still need to check in for attendance. The end of year catch up days will be June 5th-June 9th. The last day of school will still be June 9th as scheduled.

Families will be encouraged to start returning Chromebooks to school starting on June 5th. We will send more details about dropping off devices later this month. Students will still be able to check in for attendance using email, phone, or text on the catch up days. All devices need to be returned on or before June 10th.

Andrea Halverson



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