Community Sing Event

By: Julie Schramke

On Friday, Feb 1, I took 12 members of the Achieve Language Academy Choir to House of Hope Presbyterian Church, to participate in the Community Sing sponsored by The Singers-MCA. The guest director was Tesfa Wondemagegnehu, director of the Viking Singers at St. Olaf College. We sang from the Justice Choir Songbook, which is a collection of songs composed for people to sing at gatherings to raise awareness of injustices in our society. Tesfa invited me to bring the choir, and to ask a student to speak about what concern them in our society. 

Rose Moua was brave enough to stand up in front of over 300 people and talk about how the extinction of animals due to pollution is a big concern for her. Our students represented Achieve Language Academy very well, participating fully in the evening. 

Here is some feedback from the organizers of the event to our students:


From Dr. Matthew Culloten, Director of The Singers-MCA:

"Thank you so much for bringing your awesome students last night!! They are so blessed to make music and learn from you (...and I'm speaking with first hand experience!)"

From Tesfa Wondemageghnu:

"It makes my heart so happy to see your students making music and singing from the heart."

From Dr. Aaron David Miller, House of Hope Music Director: 

"Thanks for bringing your students to sing tonight. They were a wonderful addition to the energy, and a focus for our members on why justice is important."


It was a great event, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to participate.


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