Caldecott Book Project

By: Emily Tinawi

For the past several weeks, ALA 6th grade students have been working on a collaborative project about the Caldecott Medal with students from Davinci Academy in Ham Lake. 

First, students learned about the history and criteria of the Caldecott Award.  After understanding and analyzing older picture books against the criteria, students worked in groups to read and analyze 30 different picture books (all actual viable candidates for the 2019 Caldecott Award).  Using technology, students partnered with students at Davinci to have online discussions, both written and through video.  Flipgrid, an interactive technology created by the University of Minnesota, allowed for students to voice their opinions in a meaningful way with students from Davinci.   

After much discussion, analyzing all the books and going through several ranking processes, each group came up with their winner of the Caldecott!  This in and of itself would have been a great way to end, but in order to have students also feel that they could predict a winner on their own, students wrote an argumentative piece about which book they believe should win the Caldecott Award!  

Check out some of the Flipgrid video responses below!

Guiding Question: Thinking about this Caldecott Unit, what was your favorite book? What will you remember from this unit?





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