The 7-8 mission is to empower our adolescent students to achieve academic, social, and community success.

Middle School Program

At Achieve Language Academy, middle school classes are a mix of both 7th and 8th grade students, with the exception of math. The daily schedule begins with homebase, where the community building skills of Developmental Design are used.


Middle school students rotate through four core subject areas (language arts, math, science, and social studies) in 85 minute periods. Instruction in each class includes extra emphasis on reading and academic writing. Achieve students also attend specialist classes in languages and culture (Hmong, Spanish), Physical Education, and Music.


The three major student goals of our team are the following:

  1. Use differentiation to meet the needs of each learner

  2. Continue to teach literacy skills through all subject areas

  3. Emphasize higher level thinking and problem solving skills


Extracurricular activities offered include boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, run club, school of rock club, student council, acapella group, choir and drum ensemble. All 7/8 students have the opportunity to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Thursday afternoons and evenings.

I am trying to teach my children to feel a responsibility for their fellow human beings and a sense of connection with … the WORLD around them. 

Gloria Estefan

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Julene Flink, Grade 7-8, Language Arts

651-738-4875 x321

I really enjoy working with middle school students and helping them prepare for the next chapter in their academic lives. In addition to teaching, I also supervise Run/Walk Club and lead after school field trips to various museums and gardens in the Twin Cities area.


When I'm not at Achieve, I play viola in the Roseville String Ensemble and am a member of the Ta-ta Quartet. Additionally, I like to go to movies, cook, read, sing, walk my dogs, spend time with friends and family, travel, garden (the planting and harvesting...NOT the weeding), and attend concerts.

Joshua Lincoln, Grade 7-8, Social Studies
651-738-4875 x320

I received my bachelor's degree in history from the University of Minnesota, then attended graduate school at Metropolitan State University where I became a licensed teacher.  

I love history, civics and geography. Because studying the people and places of the world better prepare us to interact with those who differ from us, I firmly believe that students who have a strong understanding of the social studies have the most success in life.  

When I'm not teaching I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Chi, and our dog Thizbe, and playing the guitar. I especially love to travel, and have been fortunate enough to visit nearly 30 countries! I hope to continue traveling in the future as I believe it makes me a much stronger teacher.

Shaun Evans, Grade 7-8, Math
651-738-4875 x316

Emily Vondriska, Grade 7-8, Science
651-738-4875 x317

I love to learn and I'm an adventurer at heart! When I was a child, I spent entire summers at the Brookfield Zoo, in Chicago, because my sister worked as an elephant keeper. All the keepers knew who I was and I learned a lot about wild animal care.


As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, I lived two and a half years in Swaziland, Africa, in a small village, teaching first-generation students. I also lived in New Zealand for a month, learning about sheep care. 


Freelancing in art and dog training is what I do during the summer, as well a take care of my hobby farm. In my former life, I played semi-pro volleyball. I also enjoy gardening, photography, kayaking, horseback riding, and traveling. 

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