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RESPECT each individual's uniqueness, cultural heritage and opinions and ideas

Greetings Achieve Friends and Families!


My name is Keith Lester, and I am pleased to serve as the new Executive Director of Achieve! The school board made a decision in 2018 to hire an Interim Director to allow them more time to select a new, permanent person. That’s how I got here.

I’ve spent many years in education as a teacher, staff developer, principal and superintendent - almost 50 years in total! Always looking after the well-being of the children, families and staff, I’ve worked in many different schools and settings. But, now I am excited to join the wonderful community of Achieve Language Academy.

Achieve has a strong reputation as a quality, safe school with outstanding teaching and learning. It is my privilege to be part of that continued tradition and help us get even better. I can assure you this is an exceptional place, with quality teachers, welcoming staff and students who shine bright.


When I retired as superintendent of schools in Brooklyn Center, I chose to continue my career by serving as an interim administrator. Achieve is the fifth place I have had the opportunity to work, and it may very well be one of my favorite places. There is a positive and vibrant energy, a strong love of children and a willingness to go above and beyond, that makes this school refreshing.


If you’ve been here awhile, you know about what Achieve was created to do and how we do it. You know our focus is on language instruction with all students K-8 becoming bilingual (English along with Spanish or Hmong). This year, I am happy to say we will be working hard to infuse even more CULTURE into everything we do, not just in Spanish and Hmong, but in all cultures in order to welcome, understand and respect people no matter where they come from. You will hear about it from your children and you will see it whenever you visit Achieve. We plan to “scream the theme.”


I look forward to meeting everyone in our community, as I've been warmly welcomed by everyone I've met. Know that I am prepared to extend the same kind of welcome to you and everyone who is a part of the Achieve community.


Keith E. Lester

Executive Director

What's New?


Welcome to our new website. Although it will take some time to be complete, the plan for our new site is to show people what we know – Achieve is the best school with the best students, families and staff. We also want our site to be user-friendly and packed with information you need to know.

New to classrooms are SmartBoards, interactive whiteboards used to innovate instruction. We have also ordered 200 Chromebook laptops so students have more access to computers. Our children deserve the newest technology, and we aim to provide it.


This summer, a group of teachers (Curriculum Committee) got together to research, study and implement a new framework for literacy. You can be assured that we have a research-based approach to literacy delivered with consistency and quality.

Staff Learning

We are invigorating staff learning this year. To start if off, we trained all teachers in Restorative Practices, the new Literacy Framework and a software program called Study Island. Staff learning is ongoing while we support our teachers and staff in finding new (and old) ways to help children learn.

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