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Achieve Language Academy

Work  Respect  Belong

Our Achieve Community


BELONG to and actively participate in the Achieve community and serve to better our neighborhood, city and society

Achieve Language Academy is a free, public charter school locate in St. Paul, Minnesota. We are a community of learners in grades prekindergarten through 8th grade. Achieve is built on the following beliefs:

  • Good schools transform communities

  • Community is created by shared values and common goals

  • All children can learn and achieve

  • Education is essential to a fulfilling life

We are grounded in our mission and live out our beliefs when we:

WORK cooperatively with other students of various cultural backgrounds and toward personal high academic goals

RESPECT each individual's uniqueness, cultural heritage and opinions and ideas


BELONG to and actively participate in the Achieve community and serve to better our neighborhood, city and society

What makes us unique?


Achieve Language Academy is a prekindergarten to 8th grade school located on the banks of the beautiful Beaver Lake. Surrounded by walking trails and Beaver Lake Park, Achieve is a contemporary school building where students can enjoy inside and outside learning opportunities.

The Achieve campus houses over 450 students, all who have the opportunity to become literate in two languages, English and either Hmong or Spanish. In partnership with students and families, staff create individualized learning plans to help guide students in their growth and build upon successes. Learning at Achieve does not just happen during the school year – we provide an extension to the school year with our summer programming.

Achieve understands that schools are an important part of the greater community and that we all benefit when we serve others in our neighborhood, city and society. Our students are integrated into the greater St. Paul community during Beaver Lake Clean-Up, Feed My Starving Children, Achieve's Culturefest, and Starbase.

Achieve has been a welcoming community for over 23 years, and staff work collaboratively to create a positive and productive child-centered environment. It's fun and caring – the best place to be – which is evident by the longevity of our staff. We invite you to learn more about our staff on our classroom pages.




Our Mission


Lub Hom Phiaj


The mission of Achieve Language Academy is to provide a rigorous, standards-based, data-driven, best practices educational program for students in grades pre-K through 8th grade. Achieve educates the whole child in a safe environment that values diversity and promotes world cultures with a focus on Hmong and Spanish languages.


La misión de Achieve Language Academy es proveer un programa educativo riguroso, basado en los estándares, guiado por información y los mejores procedimientos para los estudiantes en los grados Pre-Kinder hasta el octavo. Achieve le provee una educación al estudiante entero en un ambiente seguro que valora la diversidad y apoya las culturas del mundo con un enfoque en los idiomas de español y Hmong.


Tuam tsev Achieve Language Academy tsim los qhia raws tej cai thiab kev cob zoo los siv hauv qib Pre-k txog 8.  Achieve qhia ib tug mi nyuam kom txhij txhua, kom vam meej, thiab paub hwm txog txhia haiv neeg thoob lub ntiaj teb, pib los ntawm lus Hmoob thiab lus Spanish.

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